Poetry & Money in the Walrus

Poet and scholar Aaron Giovannone has written an article about Poetry and Money in the Walrus. The article is an insightful piece about poetry and economic precarity. It contains a fine discussion of recent collections by Nikki Reimer and Mathew Henderson. The article concludes with a discussion of Waiting Room, including a sensitive and nuanced reading of my poem Witnessed Ingestion.

After mentioning his preference for poetry which is “”intelligent but open to non-specialists, confessional but aware of their contexts, political without losing the personal” Giovannone suggests that:

“Collections like Waiting Room remind us that, if it hopes to be read, poetry has to start addressing what matters to people, and this includes economic concerns. Doing so might seem indecorous, even desperate. But aren’t we desperate?”

Indeed. To indecorous desperation in poetry!


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