Publications etc.

2017 “Desert Postcard” Fiddlehead (forthcoming)
“Confessions of Beige” Fiddlehead (forthcoming)

2017 “Bois” CV2 (forthcoming)
“Lingual” CV2 (forthcoming)
“Initiation” CV2 (forthcoming)

2017 “The Professor Opens” Event 46:2.

2017 “An Epidemiology of Recent Muse Naming Patterns” Arc Poetry Magazine. 

2016 Waiting RoomBookThug.

2016 “Journal for the Study of the Signs of the Apocalypse.” Arc Poetry Magazine.

2016 “Stanza is the Italian Word For Room. Geist.

2016 “Rare Books Librarian”
          “Research Question” TCR Webfolio

2015 “Research Proposal.”

2015 Crimes of the Century.” The Rusty Toque. 

2015  “Hallway.” 7.  Dreamland. 7 
“Riff on Canto Six.” Dreamland. 7
“Math Lesson.”Dreamland. 7

2015 October Notebook: of night I made a commonplace. Dancing Girl Press.

2015 “Stanza is the Italian Word for Room.”  Literary Review of Canada. May 2015.

2015 “Page 404: Page Not Found” in Devouring the Green: Fear of a Human PlanetEdited by Sam Witt. Jaded Ibis Press, 2015. 426-427.

“The Road to Sainthood” in Two Bridges Review. 4.

2015 “The Associate Professor: Footnotes” in The Malahat Review. 189.
“The Year in Books” in The Malahat Review189.

2015 “Draft Email to the Full Professor” in Prairie Fire. 149: 64-66.

2015 “Spiritual Media: Follow this Poem” in Lemon Hound: New Vancouver Poets Folio.

2014 “Lecture from a Borderline” in Grain. 34:1.78-79.
“Phaedra’s Guest Lecture” in Grain. 34;1. 80.

“My Psychiatrist Was a Math Major” in Arc Poetry . 74.

2014 “Therapy” in CV237:1. 54.

2014 “A snake is a moving line” in Freefall Magazine. 24:1. 50.
“Bicycle on Qing Dong Road” in Freefall Magazine. 24:1. 51-52.

2014 “Catacombs” in Black Heart Magazine. 

2013 The Whole and Broken Yellows: Van Gogh Poems and Others. Frog Hollow Press. (Shane Neilson, ed.) 42 page chapbook.
            see review by Michael Dennis  

2013 “The Girl on the Bus.” Black Heart Magazine.

2013 “Room Three: Saint Remy.” Prism International, 51:2. 42

2013 “Gospel.” The Antigonish Review. 44: 174. 52-53.

2013 “Deftly the Hands of the Hairdresser.” The Antigonish Review. 44: 174. 54-55.

2013 “Our Lady of Perpetual Help: February 13” in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine. 9.

2012 “Reading Rilke in the Bath, Revisited” in Echolocation Magazine 2012 ContestsFinalists: revisions/revisiting. 26-27.

2012 “Book History” featured as exclusive online content by Vallum: Contemporary Poetry.

2012 “#16 Hastings” in Vallum: Contemporary Poetry. 9:2. 8-9.

2007 “One 900” in Room Magazine. 30:2. 82.
“Eve (1)” in Room Magazine. 30:2. 83.

2005 “The Date” in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine. 2:2

Book Reviews

2014 The Quiet, Anne Marie Turza. The Rusty Toque. 7
2014 Glossolalia, Marita Dachsel. Room Magazine.
2013 How Poetry Saved My Life, Amber Dawn. Room Magazine.
2014 Riot Lung, Leah Horlick. Room Magazine.
2010 Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman World, Steven Fine. Shift: Queens’ Journal of Visual and Material Culture3.
2008 Religious Rivalries in the Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity,Leif Vaage, ed. Journal of Religion and Culture.

Contests, Shortlists, Awards

2016 Gwen Hadley Scholarship in the Literary Arts, the Banff Centre
 Best Canadian Poetry, Longlist 
 Arc Poem of the Year, Editor’s Choice.
Finalist, The Malahat Review Far Horizons Award.
2014 FinalistGeist’s Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest.
2014 Finalist, Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry.
2014 Letter of Distinction, Humber School for Writers
James Apel Scholarship, Humber School for Writers.
2013 Finalist, CV2 Two-Day Poem Contest.
2013 Finalist, Arc Poem of the Year Contest.
2013 Finalist, Vallum Annual Poetry Contest.
2012 Echolocation Poetry Contest.

2012 “Lot’s Wife”  and “The Book of Job”in The Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture. Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2012.

2011 “Multicoloured Like Woven Works: Gender, Ritual Clothing and Praying with the Angels in the Testament of Job and the Dead Sea Scrolls” in Poetry and Prayer in the Dead Sea ScrollsJeremy Penner, ed. Brill.

2008 Blood, Bread and Light: Female Converts in Early Judaism.” Women in Judaism. 


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