20 Questions & Review

The incomparable rob mclennan has written a lovely review of Waiting Room which can be found on the Small Press Book Review and the League of Canadian Poets website. I am particularly grateful for the following observations:

“From the density of her shorter poems to the stretched-lyric of her longer sequences, the collection refuses to be held in one particular structure or space, but instead reads as a series of explorations, moving out across a broad range of subjects, styles and constructions. What makes this collection so compelling is not only the range of structures within, but in seeing Zilm’s openness, as we see her attempting to understand some of the broad range of possibilities that poetry has to offer.

rob also asked me 20 questions, allowing me to discuss my fantasies of being a country gospel singer and of my early formative poetic experience playing truth or dare in the parks and empty lots of my homesprawl of Surrey, B.C.

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