Devouring the Green

A new anthology Devouring the Green: Fear of a Human Planet, edited by Sam Witt, is available from Jaded Ibis Press. Contributors include Claudia Keelan,Jerome Rothenberg, Marge PiercyKerry Shawn Keyes and many others. My poem “Page 404: Page Not Found” is written in pseudo-code and based on erasures of pages 404 in three different books, including volume 1 of  The Old Testament Pseudipigrapha which happens to be book 4 of the Sibylline Oracles.

Here are some fun quotes from the introduction: “Poetry is the beginning of the process of reimagining a transhuman world world into one in which we protect and save the planet and its creatures from ourselves. This is indeed and angelic order.” (24)

“What about the cloud, or Windows of the soul? Do I have to go as low as ‘I wandered lonely as a mind clourd’ until the new technological consumber language… starts to sound like a pastoral poem?” (25)

The anthology also contains a poem called “The Creation of Willie Nelson” . Recently I have started to dream Willie Nelson lyrics and they have begun to spill into my waking life. Coincidence?

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